Homecraft Group Entry 2018
Severn Valley Group The Motor Caravanners club





The Group Entry has had a makeover for 2018 please read carefully all the new instructions and diagrams below and on attached sheets. The Diagrams show all the sizes and suggested construction, these are not to scale.


Display Unit

Cut 3 shelves using the measurements provided. Any material can be used for the shelves, however 5mm ply or similar is easier to use. Assemble shelves using the given measurements for the spacing between the shelves with 8mm threaded bar, together with nuts and washers which hold the shelf sections together enabling the display unit to be taken apart for easy transportation and storage. Dowel can be used if preferred. (See separate sheets (2) for sizes and diagram of suggested construction).



The background will wrap around the back of the display unit and be attached at the back on the outside of the unit after decoration this can be made from paper, card, or cloth, which will then be decorated to complement the theme. (See below).


All Items

The items below to be individually displayed on the shelves within the display unit, you may arrange these items as you like within the height and width restrictions of each shelf. All items marked handmade must be made by hand. Shelves may be painted or covered to compliment the theme. The Judging will also take in the overall appearance of the display.





1.Christening/Baby Naming Day Card. Handmade


2.Personalised Sampler- Cross Stitch or Embroidery - Name of Child and Date to be included. Handmade. Display in a frame


3.Keepsake Box. Handmade


4.Scroll - To include poem to celebrate the occasion. Handmade


5.Bunting - To include Childs Name – any material Handmade.


6.Decorated Celebration Cake (cake can be real or not as decoration only will be judged.) Handmade. Display on board or Plate


7.Small Knitted, Crochet or Sewn Toy. Handmade



•Decorate your chosen material in any method to compliment the theme and to include these 3 main items. Balloons, Stars and Swirls, other decorative elements can be added.

•The Upright Bars/Dowel can also be covered in ribbon or material to compliment the theme.

•Attach background securely to the outside of the shelves.


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